I am MAK – these are my takes

So many people tell me I should “do something”, “write something” and so on. Perhaps its because of my attempt to have clever posts on social media or my love of writing.  Perhaps is the interesting adventure my life has taken or the glamorous job everyone seems to think I have.  Whatever it is, I am so excited to finally take this first step.  MAKtakes will feature stories about life, experiences, useful information and insights.  Get it?  My takes, I am MAK.

My daughter just passed by and said “What are you doing?”  I told her I was writing a blog.  “Oh” she sighed and walked away.  My son just asked me why I was doing a blog and if it is important to me.  Good question.  Yes, it is important to me and I am doing it because I enjoy writing and sharing information.  “What will you write about?” he asked.  Another good question.  The answer is everything and anything.  Whatever it is, it won’t be too long or too time consuming (for me, the writer or you, the reader).  Just snippets and just enough.  I promise.


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