Stop waiting. Wear it now.

imageHow often have you gone to your closet and just stood there wondering what you should wear? There are so many options yet you always end up in either your workout clothes (because it’s easy and you might workout) or something basic because you are saving the good stuff for something special. I love clothing and dressing nicely but who has the time? Many of us are busy running errands, driving kids to their activities or keeping up with housework. When I was going to my office on a daily basis I noticed that many of the SAH (stay at home) moms were often in workout clothing. I didn’t get it. How hard is it to get dressed?

Apparently, it’s very hard.  Now I know.  I have even been guilty of leaving the house in my pjs just to get the kids to school on time.  Why is it that we always put ourselves last? My closet is filled with beautiful clothing that I don’t get to wear because I’m always in such a hurry.  School drop off, quick stop at the food store, next stop at the gym and another stop at a different food store (can’t possibly get everything in one store these days).  Back home, shower, well who are we kidding.  Let’s just say the intent to shower but then you realize you need to get some laundry done.  The phone rings and the caller ID says it’s the school.  Your stomach turns at the thought that your “free” time might be gone.  It’s your kid and they forgot their book or their lunch didn’t come or some other distraction.  You get back in your uniform (as if you ever got out of it) and you run back out.

The last few days I decided to get dressed in real grown up clothing.  Each day I did this, I got compliments.  Is that the trick?  Dress like a gym bunny for so long that when you actually wear real clothing you get noticed?  Now, mind you, I repeated the jeans, blazer, sweater but no one noticed.  And, I felt better about myself.  One day I even took out those beautiful boots that I’ve been waiting to wear.  Waiting for what?  Snow?  No, I wouldn’t wear them in the snow…….

So, no more waiting.  That special day is here.  It’s now, it’s today.  Do it.  Go crazy and wear some of your best things to the grocery store or the vet.  You will be amazed how good you feel and no one, I mean NO ONE needs to know you haven’t showered……yet.

This post inspired by my impromptu visit to J. McLaughlin in Rumson today with a dear friend. The current sale they have is amazing. I picked up two dresses, a shirt, a tote bag and a beautiful scarf….price tag $241.00! My friend got a great winter jacket, a dress and a valen”tie” for her special hubby for about the same amount. We walked out giggling and looking over our shoulders because we felt like we got away with something.  We promised to make a dinner date to wear our new dresses.


J.McLaughlin Clothing Store
15 West River Road, Rumson, NJ 07760
(732) 842-1142

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