I was bIMG_8616orn in Serbia (former Yugoslavia), raised in New York and currently live in New Jersey. My family and I immigrated to the United States when I was five years old.

I have worked in the travel and event industry for over twenty years and am currently consulting while also managing my family life.

I live “down the shore” in Fair Haven, New Jersey in a lovely family oriented community that is filled with traditions, small shops and access to rivers and beaches. I have been married to my husband for fifteen years and we have two amazing children … a boy, 11 and a girl, 8.

After working full time for over thirty years, I decided to take a break from corporate America and be more present for my family. Working in the travel and event industry required a great deal of travel and when my children said they needed me around more, I listened. After promising them that I would “stop” working, they made sure I delivered on that promise…..it took me two years to do it, but I did.  Now I work on specific projects that offer me more flexibility and the ability to work remotely yet still travel and fulfill my professional needs.

I consider myself a highly organized and creative person who has a zest for life and learning. I have a very strong love for my family, my culture and my friends. Having just turned 50, I have entered into a new phase of my life, one of self reflection and reinvention. I find myself wanting to not only learn as much as I can, but also share my knowledge and yet capture moments to treasure for myself.

In this blog I will be writing about a variety of topics and I hope that my posts of many travels, experiences and sometimes crazy stories entertain you.


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