My affair with Bertha

A few years ago I was in search of a new sofa for my family room. I looked in all the usual catalogs and stores. I found myself at a local store and saw a variety of options. While I liked what I saw, I did not like the idea of waiting eight weeks for a custom sofa. I’m more of an instant gratification type person. You know the type. That kid that goes for new shoes and HAS to wear them home. Admittedly, I have a hard time waiting. I see something I like and I want it NOW.

Big Bertha....the original

Big Bertha….the original

After browsing a few options I saw her. Big Bertha. A sectional so inviting that I wanted to dive in … and I did. The pillows plump with softness, the seats so deep that my feet couldn’t reach the floor. “What’s this?” I ask. “Oh, that’s Bertha. She’s big. Maybe too big for your room.” I wanted Bertha. Badly.

My designer, Eileen, wouldn’t let me order Bertha until she could measure the space. I like Eileen. She is sensible. Once she gave me her blessing we chose the fabric, size and pillows. It was so satisfying to build my own sofa. Once in place, Bertha became the preferred seating area and everyone who tried her couldn’t believe how comfortable she was. A year later we moved. We got new sofas for our family room, also from the same store. Sadly, The only sensible space for Bertha was in the basement. I don’t hang out there. I don’t sit there and I don’t plan to. Don’t misunderstand, our basement is amazing but it’s primarily a kids zone down there.

Berthette hugging my daughter.

Berthette hugging my daughter.

Like a long lost lover, I’ve been thinking about Bertha and how I felt every single time I sat on her. (I know that sounds weird, just go with me here.). So, a few months ago I decided to redecorate our enclosed porch. We had outdoor furniture out there, which was lovely but it was outdoor furniture that was indoors. Once again I took to online and catalog shopping. Nothing. Then it came to me. Why not get another, slightly smaller Bertha for the porch?! I called Eileen.  Of course she had to measure again….practical Eileen.  Yes it can work. She brought one fabric swatch (she knows my taste pretty well by now) and I enthusiastically approved it. Berthette, as I named her,  arrived last week and I could not be happier.

MAKtake: If you are lucky enough to get a Big Bertha in your home, prepare to be “seduced”. If I could sit in a cloud, I think this is how it might feel.

Store: The Store from River Road, Shrewsbury, NJ (designer: Eileen Cuje)

Sofa: American Country Home Store – Bertha Slipcovered Collection